Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ramirr Grepo also made it to Top 84

Kenneth Dingle from Baguio is one of the frontrunners

The cowboy and cowgirl couple have the voice and the personality to boot...but they were both booted out!

Sayang siya

This fashionista can sing! Believe me pero marami talagang magaling kaya di siya pumasok sa top 84

Goodbye Philippine Idol! See you again next year, and the year after that...and the year after that

Mary May Banawa has the style, and believe me, the voice too but because the bar is really high in Philippine Idol, she was also eliminated

The controversial Jeffrey Santos (not Judy Ann's bro) said he still have 8 years to improve and he promise to audition yearly

Jessie Caina is one of the fashionista group of contestants who didn't make it to the next round

Zandra Tan

Kimberly Grace Fernandez

Edwin Lotivio Jr.

Daphe Jontariego

Glyde Ababa

Jamie Barcelon

Christina Otero

A girls team rehearsing their act

Stephanie Lazaro

Rina Lei Pangan

Paul Ybanez

169 who passed the preliminary auditions nationwide proceeded to PICC for the nerve-wracking "survival of the fittest"

Welcome to Philippine Idol Gallery

Welcome to Philippine Idol Gallery. In a few minutes, you shall find here tons of photos and some occasional videos of the phenomenal show Philippine Idol!